Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Good Times For Boys And Girls

Went to this again last night. Chris pointed out that I had only missed one so far when I went away to the America for a bit. The reason I keep coming back to the night is because its bloody good fun. The atmosphere is friendly and open, the readings are always interesting and fresh, and it's a good place to get drunk on a weekday with nice people.

Last night Chris was a mere spectator for the night and Miss Sian Cummins stepped up to guest host with the always tremendous Sally . They both did an ace job and dealt very well with the first drunken pain in the arse the night has encountered (I narrowly avoid this description as I usually run out of money before I can be truly annoying) who decided to regale us all with songs and tales of bravery from the motherland. He was very embarrassing and I considered talking in a posh english accent for the rest of the night to disguise our celtic connection. Also thanks to Jay for providing excellent music as always and getting rid of the silly man. Also providing top tunes was Mr. Si Connor, you can find more about him here. He is a good man. All the readings were great, and with each night I'm meeting more people which is nice for me and possibly horrific for those people.

One night I will be all inspired and read something up on the stage. I shall, of course, have to write something first...

Friday, 20 February 2009

25 Very Funny Things

Please go here . It is a new blog by a friend of the tremendous Jenn and the opening post is a magnificent piss take of the '25 Things About Me' nonsense that is plaguing places like Facebook right now. I like alot.

Thursday, 19 February 2009


Go here now.

Go on. Go to this place.

It is a fantastic video that will help you be a better person. Care to argue about that? Eh? Well? No I thought not.

It is a video by Crispin. He has made it to help others. You are others, so go and watch it and you will reap the benefits! REAP I TELL YOU! The words were made by Crispin and the music and the sing song were made by Socrates and Chris .

http://twelvefortyfive.blogspot.com/ - "WE CAN HELP YOU!!"

Monday, 16 February 2009

Brittle Branches Bloody Brilliant

Please have a look at this.

It's a video for Si Connor's brilliant song 'Brittle Branches' from his tremendous 'Seaside Surprise' EP. I think the video compliments the song perfectly. I also think that I just complimented the video perfectly. It was directed and edited by the mighty Mike Nixon. You can catch Mr. Connor playing songs in a live manner at this next Monday. Do it.

UPDATE: This video is so good it is taking up extra space on my page.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


I have spent all day today clearing all the useless paper and crap off my desk and out from under it. This has been encouraging, as I now have space to work and can reach for important documents with ease and even a certain sophisticated style, but also depressing, as I have unearthed a box of documents that were all supposed to be filed away many moons ago and were not due to my lack of work ethic. Now I'll have to spend days filing them in the appropriately named 'Dead Room' (as in where the 'dead' files go) which has the warmth and charm of an underwater tomb. I have no work ethic. I hate working. If I had my way I would sit on a comfy chair eating re-generating pizza and playing all the latest xbox games that magically appear in my console whilst I slowly but steadily expand.

Today there were some protestors that tried to 'occupy' the university building my friend works in. I never know how to feel about protests. I admire people taking a stand for something they believe in, mainly as there is not much that I actually feel that strongly about. I would be quite annoyed if More4 stopped showing The Daily Show, but it's highly unlikely that I would take to the streets over it. I enjoy Diet Coke but the banning of said drink would not drive me to take action and 'occupy' a coffee shop.